We’ve Started a New Conversation in New Orleans Education.

We are Public School Advocates (PSA)


We are public school teachers and leaders who believe our voices and experiences are a critical – and currently missing – component to a robust dialogue about public education in New Orleans.

This is a public forum for us to address our challenges based on facts and constructive dialogue about the unfolding story New Orleans is writing about public education.

This forum gives voice to the value and importance of public education as a way to provide the skills and experiences children need to heal generational traumas and achieve economic mobility.


Educators are heroes. Every day we work to provide high-quality service and direction to our children with the purpose of opening doors for them. We value this work and seek to encourage and promote it.


By honestly confronting the challenges in our public schools in a productive manner, we intend to build upon the progress we have made. This is an informed discussion. It is not about publicly shaming anyone’s ideas. Personal attacks are not welcome. We seek opinions, data and stories that contribute to the progress of our profession, our schools, and our children.


We want you to be a part of this exciting opportunity to move our schools and our community forward. We’re glad you are here. Help us change the conversation. Together, we can!